Mass Effect and Cowboy Bebop save my life

This week has been killer in more ways than one, and now I find myself at Friday Afternoon with a fully booked weekend and a brain full of warm tapioca. I have a Thor Review coming down the pipe, but after putting out more than ten thousand words of text for various deadlines, I don’t have eight hundred words about Mass Effect in me this week. Rather than spending an hour cleaning up some forum posts to put ’em here, I’m just going to give you a cool thing I found on the internet. The internet likes cool things, right? As a peace offering, I promise two ME related posts next week, a Thor review within the next three hours, and this: the best Mass Effect Music Video I have ever seen:

Mass Effect and Cowboy Bebop – to life-changing great tastes that taste great together!

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  • GuardianAngel470:

    I love this video. I found it the other day and had to download it in 1080p in order to put it on my phone and show it to everybody I know that plays ME (which, sadly, isn’t really all that many).

    It is hands down the best AMV I’ve seen on youtube, and that’s counting the awesome but upon further reflection not quite as awesome STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl one I saw done to the song Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace.

    Good find nonetheless.

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