GDC 2016 – Let’s Talk About Documentation

So I have a GDC talk – Character Wrangling: Managing Large Casts With Documentation and Design.

I’ve spent the last year or so working on documentation – both as part of games I’ve been designing from the ground up, and as part of my freelance work. I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge, though so far I’ve mostly been sharing it with students and clients.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be uploading sample docs accompanied by analysis and dissection. Character reference, style guides, narrative flow, and whatever else people show interest in.

I’m back, and I’ve been busy.

Wildstar launched, and now I finally have spare room in my brain. I’m currently rushing to head out to GDC, and I hope to write some nice articles about game design while I’m there. After that, I’ll be at PAX East, doing my secret comestible-based charity thing.

Oh, and I’ve also been writing at Fangirl Nation for the past few months. I reviewed a bunch of things, and wrote far too elaborate cultural commentaries on other things. I hope you find it amusing.