I’ve been writing for games and nerd culture outlets for over a decade. With that kind of history, I have accumulated a rather dizzying array of documentation. This public portfolio focuses on general outlines and brief excerpts from a selection of recent projects.

More specific examples in many formats are available upon request: quest writing, flavor text, web fiction, area design, voice over, script format dialogue, etc. If you’re considering me for a specific role or want to know my capabilities in a particular style, please contact me directly at LeahKatherineMiller at gmail,  and I will be happy to provide a custom-tailored assortment of exactly the kind of documents you seek.

For the generally curious, here are some of the things I’ve worked on.

Comedy and Cultural Commentary

I currently write about pop culture and comics for Fangirl Nation. This essay about how Taylor Swift’s Blank Space provides an interesting insight into modern girl geek culture is a personal favorite.

I also occasionally write about video games and other media on my blog here. This post deconstructing how the the ending to Mass Effect 3 relates to the general tone of the series was the culmination of several years of Mass Effect analysis.

MMO Writing and Design

I love working in shared worlds, collaborating with other writers, designers, and artists to create a living experience. The best MMO design is iterative, incorporating player feedback and multidisciplinary system design into a shared world. The links below offer further insight into my three biggest projects.


Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

Dark Age of Camelot

Tabletop Rules and Modules

The Predatory Duchess is an adventure module for mid-level characters. Included are several excerpts that showcase different kinds of tabletop writing.

Choice-based Adventures

The Voyage of the Cinnabar: a test piece I did for Failbetter Games, using their StoryNexus platform and set in their Fallen London and Sunless Sea Universe.


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