Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot is a three faction MMO that has been running for over ten years. During my time as a writer and designer, I was responsible for manual updates, new player guides, patch notes, web reference documents, and walkthroughs.

I wrote and implemented countless in game quests. I was responsible for the first holiday events to Dark Age of Camelot, including the popular Midwinter and Spring events. While there have been some additions in the last few years, all the content I created is still in use, reappearing at the appropriate time each year.

Catacombs and the Labyrinth of the Minotaur were the boxed expansions released while I was on the Camelot team. I wrote and designed a number of quests for each, including branching dialogue and hidden secrets that could only be discovered through thorough investigations. Labyrinth introduced mounts to the Champion Level system, and I created quests and documented backstories for our dazzling new array of magical steeds.

After our final boxed expansions, I started work on the Camelot Campaign: A Dragon’s Revenge. Originally intended as a temporary event that would explain a redesign of the outdated dragon zones, it became so popular we created a permanent version. I wrote and designed all the quests and conversations in the campaign, as well as writing accompanying fiction for the web. We reshaped the landscape of the realms, as our starter towns burned, froze, or pulsed with uncanny mystical pollution. New content appeared every 2-6 weeks, accompanied by teaser fiction on the web, and later explained by an illustrated journal written by one of our newly introduced Dragonslayer characters. Players were introduced to Gerrik Morrow, and the Dragonslayers Skipta, Elia, and Lirazel. Players could ally themselves with one of the new armies, and earn new armor and weapons. Our updates included redesigns and new art for three major content zones, as well as a massive economic re-balancing through the introduction of Dragonslayer and Dragonsworn Weapons and Armor, and the new versatile currency: Dragon Glass.

While the Dragon’s Revenge was live, we saw a very large influx of reactivated accounts, with player engagement further boosted by interactive competitions created in collaboration with our community team.

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