The Predatory Duchess

The Predatory Duchess is a mid-level module for fantasy roleplay settings. Below are excerpts from several parts of the Pathfinder version of the adventure, highlighting different types of tabletop writing.

Learning Opportunity – Rules and Examples

A write-up of an optional house rule that we have found enhances roleplaying. Here is the version for Pathfinder, with examples from The Predatory Duchess.

Leah Miller Sample #1 Learning Opportunity Rules

The Predatory Duchess – History and Potential Paths

Information to help introduce the setting, as well as GM notes outlining the major NPCs the party can support in the central storyline.

Leah Miller Sample #2 The Predatory Duchess

NPC Profile – Rudir

Rudir is the central companion or adversary NPC in The Predatory Duchess. Included is her history, description, battle techniques, and how she progresses as an adversary if you choose to side against her in the story.

Leah Miller Sample #3 Rudir – Ally or Adversary


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