Shipped Game: Wildstar

  • Area design, quest design, and initial text passes
  • Worked on multiple zones, including Deradune, Celestion, Ellevar, Galeras, Wilderrun, and Malgrave and three unannounced end game zones
  • Wrote flavor and archive text for scientist and explorer missions throughout the game

Design Breakdown: Deradune

I was responsible for the initial text pass on all quests and dialogue in the zone. I designed all the Moodie areas and quests, collaborating with artists and animators to create the Moodie totems and ritual animations. I also designed the Feralplain Park area and all associated content, as well as the Falkrin introductory storyline.

Deradune has a strong focus on character. I wrote a large amount of original dialogue for Agent Lex, and quadrupled the amount of quests and vignettes that included him as a character. I also wrote and designed all non-instanced Laveka content in the game at launch, and maintained roadmaps for their future unreleased content.

Additional documentation available upon request, including character profiles, area design proposals, sample quest text, and more.

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